Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review

While most of us love winter, it can present health hazards without the proper protective gear: hand warmers, coats, hats, scarves, gloves, socks, and, most of all, thermal jackets.

Milwaukee Heated Jacket Review

Conventional jackets are not enough to protect you from harsh colds outside. With this, the Milwaukee heated jackets solve problems. They give you the right temperature to get the warmth and comfort you need, even in the most unlikely places during cold seasons.

We will review the Milwaukee thermal jackets and bring to your attention all you need to know about this heated jacket brand. 

What is the Milwaukee Heated Jacket, and How It Works

Milwaukee is a company famous for its electrical products exploits in the global market. It sounds a bit weird that they are also in the fashion industry. However, they have one of the best thermal jackets on the market—Milwaukee thermal jackets.   

The Milwaukee thermal jackets are one of the thermal jackets that we love for their ergonomic detail. Some models of this jacket have five pockets: 3 exterior zipper pockets, 1 interior zipper pocket, and 1 low-profile battery pocket. The pockets allow you to warm your hands and keep some valuable things within reach while in use. 

On the other hand, in addition to providing an interesting look to the aesthetics of the jacket, the polyester used for the jacket works very well to trap heat. It is thick and insulated enough to keep you warm in moderately cold conditions. And since the brand is a leading power hand tools manufacturer, they offer dependable, all-day battery performance.

Main Features/Advantages of the Milwaukee Heated Jacket

  • Available in various colors
  • The ToughShell stretch polyester and FreeFlex mobility gussets are used, so the base layer doesn't wear out easily.
  • Suitable for washer and dryer
  • Includes charger and a compact battery pack
  • It has adjustable heat levels
  • USB charging system

Choosing the Best Milwaukee Heated Jacket

This buying guide will not solely focus on the Milwaukee heated jackets alone but thermal jackets in general. Without wasting your time, let's get started. 

Heating Points and Sections

It is essential to analyze the number of sections that contain heating elements before purchasing Milwaukee heated jackets. If you wear the jacket in an icy environment, it is vital to have a jacket with at least three or four heating elements. This will ensure that most of the jacket receives adequate heating.

Style and Cut

The style and cut of the Milwaukee heated jackets will determine how comfortable it is to wear. Most traditional thermal jackets restrict movement, so it's important to look for a material with a hint of stretch. Vest-style jackets are a good option if you despise restrictive movement around the arm and underarm sections. You can also opt for loose jackets. However, remember that this type of styling will provide less warmth retention.


Most Milwaukee heated jackets now come in three heat levels and the same number of heating sections and points. So, if you want the option that sets you apart from mainstream options, go for heated jackets that can provide longer battery life. In addition to the overall style and aesthetics of the jacket, you should also ensure that the package comes complete: jacket, battery, and charger.

Price and Value

Always choose the option that offers you the best value for your purchase. Ensure that in addition to the reasonable price, check if the Milwaukee heated jackets package contains all the features and other elements you need.

What's New And More General Details

Here are other things you need to know about the Milwaukee heated jackets: 


Comfortable, flexible, and light (1.1 kg), the Milwaukee heated jackets can be used in extreme weather conditions since they protect against the wind. In addition, it is made of a multi-layered 100% polyester fabric that actively warms the body. It stimulates blood circulation, is breathable (keeps heat but wicks away sweat), and hydrophobic water repellent (water slides off the fabric). 

Battery and Accessories

Unlike some heated jackets on the market, the Milwaukee heated jackets come with a quick charger and an  M12 B2 RED-Lithium battery compatible with the 55 tools in the brand's M12 range. Note that all M12 Milwaukee batteries (1.5 Ah, 2.0 Ah, 3.0 Ah, and 4.0 Ah) are compatible with the M12 holder, which has a remaining charge indicator.


The winter period is ideal for testing the performance of Milwaukee heated jackets. Some models have two buttons to diffuse the heat in two areas (body and pockets). Three heat level adjustment positions are available for the body part and the pockets for more comfort. They are identifiable by different color codes (red, white, and blue).

The heated parts of the Milwaukee HJ BL2 heated jacket are made of carbon fiber and allow good heat distribution in a few minutes. Finally, an M12 2.0 Ah battery guarantees heat over an 8-hour working day.


Q.) How do Milwaukee heated jackets work?

A.) Milwaukee heated jackets use heating elements such as a strip or tubular materials. They are distributed in specific areas intended to receive heat. They are powered and heated by portable power sources, such as rechargeable power banks.

Q.) Are Milwaukee heated jackets rigid?

A.) Since Milwaukee heated jackets use heating elements such as wires, they affect the nature of the fabrics used, regardless of their softness. This affects your movement as the stiff heating material decreases the jacket's flexibility.

Q.) Are Milwaukee heated jackets harmful and dangerous?

A.) Milwaukee heated jackets are safe as their temperature level is set explicitly within the safe range for the human body. Milwaukee heated jackets have safety elements that deactivate the heating system once it detects that the temperature exceeds the ideal level indicated for users. Milwaukee heated jackets also promote blood circulation during cold seasons and prevent health problems related to low temperatures.

Q.) How long do Milwaukee heated jackets work?

A.) On average heated jackets can last only 6-8 hours. However, it depends on the level of heat you are using while wearing the jacket. Milwaukee heated jackets can last up to 12 hours because their batteries can store more energy.


For artisans, architects, and other professionals who work in extreme conditions, Milwaukee heated jackets are the perfect option, adapted by a design that offers freedom of movement while warming the body and stimulating blood circulation. The manufacturer offers various models that can be used on construction sites in winter and during their free time, and a camouflage version ideal for hunters.

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